How to Trace Someone's Cell Phone Number

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Tracing the owner of a phone number is a very important thing for millions of people. Whether we're trying to trace who sent us those strange text messages, or even who your spouse has been calling... we all get the same old questions whenever we find a telephone number that we don't recognize. "Who's calling me" and "How do they know my number?"

The problem with cell phone number is that they aren't part of a public directory, unlike landlines. The government simply hasn't got round to make such a directory for cell phones for two simple reasons. The first is that since cell phone owner information is constantly changing, the government would literally have to update their directories two or three times a month, just to keep up with the relentless pace of ownership changes. The second reason is that since cell phones are not tied to a central address, it would be nearly impossible to keep a valid record of their location. Unlike landlines, cell phones can move all around the place, and even into different countries.

These two reasons have prevented any official government creation of a cell phone directory... but... thanks to the Internet, several highly popular websites have emerged who are providing a service which reveals the name and address of anyone - just from their cell phone number. Sites such as Reverse Phone Detective and Intelius, have provided highly popular services which are growing daily.

These sites are known as reverse cell phone lookup sites, and are actually ingeniously created. Basically, they work in a very clever way - allowing you to instantly find anyone's details just from typing their cell phone number into their site. What these companies have done, is to simply purchase as many public records as possible, from the likes of the Government and ad agencies. These records are made when you fill out a form, and allow your details to be shared with other companies. These forms normally contain your name, address and most importantly, your cell phone number... and can be anything from when you are applying for a loan to when you're purchasing a washing machine. These sites then take this data and put it into a central database which you can search.

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You can actually trace anyone's cell number by typing it into this site.

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How to Trace Someone's Cell Phone Number

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This article was published on 2010/03/31